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Finally feeling at home!

Your new Apartment - Accommodation

What is more important than getting just the right apartment when you move to a new city or country? It is essential to have an apartment that makes you feel at home the moment you walk into the door, a place where you feel welcome.

We will help you find that special apartment in a neighbourhood that suits you best and guide you through every step from signing the rental contract to making sure you have a proper heating system.

Once you move into your main place of residence, we will make certain that you are familiarised with all the infrastructures of your new neighbourhood.

  • Search for an apartment best matches your criteria, for ex. Accessibility of your place of work, your preferred neighbourhood, if it is children-friendly, etc...
  • Visit together an apartment of your choice together
  • Verbally translate and clarify your rental agreement
  • We will be present when you first get your apartment
  • Closely examine the completion certificate
  • Find the proper moving company
  • Preselect and apply to the school or kindergarten of your choice
  • Register at the local resident's office
  • Register for heating, water, electricity, telephone and the GEZ
  • Open a German bank account
  • Transfer all your insurances and paperwork for your motorised vehicle(s)
  • Get an extensive and detailed explanation as well as written information on on all the infrastructures of your new neighbourhood such as: local transportation, shopping centres, cultural places, schools, childcare, sport centres, doctors and pharmacies, attorneys, tax offices, insurers, multilingual driving schools
  • Get a 14 day trial subscription to your local press

 We offer you our telephone service up to three months after your arrival in Hamburg.

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