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The best Relocation Team

Marion Baum - Managing Director

Marion Baum

Owner, management board, consultation & customer support

Her profession:

Marion Baum is a graduate political scientist, Anglicist and migration researcher.

Her languages:

Fluent German and English

Her background:

  • Political science, journalism and Anglicism studies at the University of Hamburg

  • Research work on the topic " International work migration" at the University of Baguio City in the Philippines. She still theoretically and practically focuses on the topics of "International migration theory" and "Development of European migration policy" today.

  • Member of staff at the Thailand Consulate in Hamburg

Special qualifications:

Marion Baum worked at the Thailand Consulate in Hamburg for many years, one reason why she has excellent and far-reaching contacts to the authorities, estate agents, insurers and translators in Hamburg.

Marion Baum has personal insight into both sides: from her professional and private environment she does not only know and understand the different migration, immigration and relocation requirements but she also always, quickly and professionally, has a suitable solution for any problem or challenge at the ready.

It is important to her to offer her customers personal and individual support, which helps the "newbie" to not feel lost or out of place and quickly make contacts and she knows how it feels to be in a new city, a new environment and how to settle in.

Do you have special shopping requirements? A specific restaurant or sight which are not mentioned in the tourist guides? For example do you know the Spice Museum? As a real insider, Marion Baum can give you plenty of secret tips or personally show you them.

What defines her:

All theory is grey and is usually no use when it comes to quickly finding practical solutions. Marion Baum focuses on practice as she knows the problems which can arise with relocation. Thanks to her large and varied network and her extensive travels she is familiar with different mentalities and can target the right problem solver.

Marion Baum lives "across cultures", her family is made up of different nationalities. The understanding and appreciation for different cultural customs, habits and traditions matter to her both privately and professionally. She knows the world, is also cosmopolitan and diverse, just like Hamburg and loves literature.

As the mother of two children she is just the right person for advice about children's recreational activities. Marion Baum loves nature and has plenty of suggestions at hand: she can recommend the most beautiful swimming lakes, swimming pools and parks, knows where you can pursue horse riding or ballet and knows the most interesting museums, secret tips among the small Hamburg cafés and also centres of international culture.

+49 40 64533394