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German Authorities – so what?

German Authorities – so what?

As a professional in the business, I will shed some light onto the numerous jungle of German regulations. I will gladly explain the complex topic of 'immigrating to Germany'.

In a mutual conversation we will talk about what best suits you and your family. Before you travel to Germany, you will be informed on what documents and paperwork you will need to bring from your native country upon entry.

I will take care of your:

  • Attestation to circulate freely
  • Visa
  • Application forms for the registry office
  • Work permit
  • Wage tax card
  • Necessary language courses
  • Authentications, translations, legal paperwork
  • Transferring your driver's license
  • Motor vehicle registration
  • Application for child allowance

… and how to get a certificate of vaccination for your domestic pet.

We will take care of all your administration and registration matters and if needed procure a translator and interpreter.  

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